Spend less time building and more time innovating!

  • Build fast with AI.

    Effortlessly build and host data services, whether for internal use like internal APIs or dashboards or for external use like making your data available to ChatGPT.

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  • Scales with your needs.

    RAW is an all-in-one, easy-to-use platform that scales with your needs and with your team, with exceptional time-to-value while keeping it simple and keeping you agile.

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  • Traceable and secure.

    Build, host, and share your data services confidently, thanks to a type-safe programming language, secure development environment, and a rock-solid platform with full auditing and traceability.

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10000+ users, hosting 100K+ services, 50M+ invocations.

Join our community and learn for yourself how incredibly easy it is to create new data services.

3 simple steps – Build, Host, Share!

  • Build

    Build data services to aggregate data from multiple sources in real-time using AI and low-code with built-in IDE.

  • Host

    Host your data services in a managed platform with built-in CI/CD support, testing and API management.

  • Share

    Share your data securely as APIs. Includes built-in data catalog and fine-grained access control.



  • binary-code 1 Low code development.

    Build data services using Snapi, a low-code language that allows you seamlessly explore data, join and transform it in real-time from any source.

  • web-programming 1 Built-in IDE.

    Instantly start building and testing with a fully-integrated IDE that lets you code, test and experiment in an easy-to-use environment.

  • connected Data Connectors.

    Out-of-the-box support for the most widely-used databases, popular data formats and data lakes. No dependencies needed, no installation required!



  • repository Push to Deploy.

    Serve data as APIs with a single click or read them from a GitHub repository. Set security rules and deploy services in production in seconds.

  • testing Integrated Testing.

    Code in an isolated GitHub branch to test your new services separately from production. Test results are reported automatically with GitHub pull request integration. Create new API versions safely and migrate all endpoints atomically.

  • api Built-in API Management.

    Enforce usage policies, access control, collects statistics, monitor performance. Also seamlessly integrates with existing API management tools.



  • products Built-in Data Catalog.

    Includes an OpenAPI-compatible catalog that is automatically created and maintained from your API definitions and code. Also supports exporting metadata to existing data catalogs.

  • lock Secure Platform.

    Offers vertically-integrated language and platform security, user and API key management, monitoring, and auditing capabilities.

  • user Fine-grained Permissions.

    Control who sees what with fine-grained control. Hide, rewrite or otherwise obfuscate sensitive information based on the consumer of the data.


Build data services to …

  • Feed data to LLMs

    Create and host APIs that feed data into AI systems and integrate with services like ChatGPT plugins or GPT personas.

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  • Share data with customers

    Turn-key solution to modernize and monetize your data delivery with a modern and fully-managed data hub.

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  • Mock data

    Speed up your development with powerful mock APIs for JSON, XML, CSV and other formats.

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  • Real-time data

    Aggregate and integrate data in real-time from S3, data lakes, cloud and on-premises databases and serve as APIs.

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  • Fast prototyping

    Quickly build data services using data from multiple sources. Quickly deploy, test and iterate your data architectures.

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  • Create a data mesh

    Empower teams to deliver safe and trusted data products, with a decentralized data mesh architecture.

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