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Why RAW is different

  • Low-code with ready recipes
  • Query data at source – no copying
  • Serverless platform
  • CI/CD with GitHub integration
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  • Best-in-class IDE
  • Secure Data Sharing
  • OpenAPI support
  • API Catalog
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  • Tech Ops

    Query cloud logs in place, across different platforms without moving and transforming data first. Get answers faster, with less code and effort.

      cpu_utilization(ec2_id: string, 
                      start: timestamp, 
                      end: timestamp) =
          request = Aws.SignedV4Request(
            Metric: {
              Namespace: "AWS/EC2",
              MetricName: "CPUUtilization",
              Dimensions: [ { Name: "InstanceId", 
                              Value: ec2_id } ]
          start = Timestamp.ToUnixTimestamp(
                    Timestamp.Build(2022, 10, 18, 12, 0)
          end = start + Interval.Days(1)
      cpu_utilization("i-05fc19336963317d2", start, end)
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  • Mock API

    Build a fast and flexible Mock API to serve data in a few lines of code – this could be from a static file source, a database or simply hard-coded to start with.

    main(id: int) =
        players = [
            id: 1, 
            name: "Stephen Curry", 
            age: 34, 
            championships: [2015, 2017, 2018, 2022]
            id: 2, 
            name: "LeBron James", 
            age: 37, 
            championships: [2012, 2013, 2016, 2020]
        match = List.First(matches, p -> == id)
        if Nullable.IsDefined(match)
        then match
        else Error.Build("Unknown identifier")
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  • Easy integration

    Query, join and transform files, databases or APIs without glue-code or external libraries. RAW makes it fast and simple, allowing you to concentrate on value-added tasks.

      trips = PostgreSQL.InferAndRead(
        "raw", "example", "trips",
        host = "postgres1",
        username = Environment.Secret("psql-user"),
        password = Environment.Password("psql-pass")
      airports = Csv.InferAndRead(
      Collection.EquiJoin(trips, airports, 
        trip -> trip.destination, 
        airport -> airport.iata_faa)
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Customer Stories

1000’s of datasets into APIs

“Our data delivery has moved light years forward from Excel spreadsheets to APIs – so many more use cases appear”

5 SaaS platforms into one dashboard

“Our whole business is now visible in real-time as a single view” – we now make data-driven decisions and no longer wait days to see results”

20 supply chains connected

”We can give each of our suppliers a tailored view of the supply chain to improve logistics and forecasting”