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End-to-End Platform including …

  • Low-Code API Development

    Powered by Snapi, a low-code, data-oriented language designed for quickly building services that seamlessly join and transform multiple data sources in real-time.

  • Built-in API Management

    Comprehensive end-to-end solution that enforces usage policies, access control, collects statistics, and monitors performance, while also seamlessly integrating with existing API management tools.

  • Built-in CI/CD for DataOps

    Serve APIs directly from GitHub repositories with integrated testing, pull request, and branch management for comprehensive CI/CD support.

  • Built-in Data Catalog

    Includes a built-in OpenAPI-compatible catalog that is automatically created and maintained from API definitions, while also seamlessly integrating with existing data catalogs.

  • Comprehensive Data Connectors

    Supports most widely-used databases [1], data formats [2] and data lakes [3] out-of-the-box without extra dependencies. Extensible.

  • Strong Security

    Offers vertically-integrated language and platform security, comprehensive user and API key management, monitoring, and auditing capabilities.

  • [1]
    • Snowflake, RedShift, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Teradata, …
  • [2]
    • CSV, JSON, XML, …
  • [3]
    • S3, Azure, Dropbox, …

Build real-time APIs to …

  • Create a Data Mesh

    Empower teams to deliver safe and trusted data products, with a decentralized data mesh architecture.

  • Share data with your customers

    Turn-key solution to modernize and monetize your data delivery with a modern and fully-managed data hub.

  • Aggregate all data with APIs

    Aggregate data from S3, data lakes, cloud and on-premises databases into a single API endpoint.

  • Enable real-time BI

    Retrieve and integrate data in real-time to feed your business intelligence tools such as Excel, PowerBI or Tableau.

  • Fast prototyping of data services

    Quickly build data services using data from multiple sources. Quickly deploy, test and iterate your data architectures.

  • Mock data products

    Speed up your development with powerful mock APIs for JSON, XML, CSV and other formats.

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