Data Delivery. Made Simple.

Create, publish and manage data APIs

Data products 10x faster

SQL on database, file & API

DataOps & Data-as-code

Enterprise-grade security


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Create Data Products.

Connect and join multiple data sources.

Expose as APIs in a data mesh.

Managing data as a product means keeping on top of all data that is used across your organization and beyond. RAW enables all data you have to be delivered as APIs to your users in different forms including files, tables and other structures.



Create SQL functions on File, Database or API sources

movies := READ(“”);

search_by_title(title: string) := {
SELECT * FROM movies m
“%” + LOWER(title) + “%”

search_by_year(year: int) := {
SELECT * FROM movies m
WHERE m.year = year


Set API details, format, security and resources in YAML

raw: 1.0
endpoint: GET
title: Movies by title
description: Get movies by title
– movies
– wikipedia
code: rql
codeFile: movies.rql
declaration: search_by_title
format: json
public: true
computeClass: standard
enabled: true


Commit to your Git repository and start using
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Use familiar tools to branch, merge and release.

Iterate faster.

Creating data products is a collaborative process, just like code delivery. With RAW you can keep your existing tools and methods of branching, merging and releasing code, and integrate the data delivery. APIs become just a query and a config file.

DataOps.Made Simple.

Data-as-Code approach.

Integrate with your delivery ecosystem.

RAW integrates releasing of APIs, the data and the underlying code into a single DataOps process, which you control. Build and test faster – RAW deploys automatically using CI/CD, and monitors API usage to allow you to optimize and deliver the next iteration in minutes, not hours.

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Pay as you go.APIs as a Service.

On-demand resource flexibility.

Credit-based transparent pricing.

RAW offers granular resource allocation by endpoint. Remove wasted Cloud costs and be in control to deliver the best value to your users. There’s also a free version.

Enterprise-grade Security.

Granular entitlements.

API isolation and full auditing.

Each user accesses their API via a different container so that full isolation is maintained, and security guaranteed. RAW provides authentication and access control using OAuth standards and uses Auth0 to bridge into your enterprise security mechanisms.

Data Delivery. Made Simple.

Access all your data securely

A unique query engine with containerized execution.

Collaborate using familar tools

Use the same code tools to manage data products.

Deliver quality data products faster

DataOps and Data-as-code approach.

Manage the full lifecycle

From development through to production monitoring.

Scale your delivery capability

Deliver business functionality – not manage infrastructure

Control and understand cost

PAYG model to granular API endpoints.


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