Use cases

Reduced time to answers without the need to copy and transform data. Read how we add value, and then just ask!

Deliver data products faster

Modernize your data delivery infrastructure and decrease time-to-market for data product requests. Reuse data products across product lines by leveraging RAW NoDB as a key component in your data mesh or analytical data fabric, regardless of underlying data storage and platform.

  • Data mesh
  • Data marketplace

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Prototyping, ad hoc and research analytics

Answer immediate questions and discover data faster using RAW NoDB. Directly query any data in situ without copying, transforming, and loading it first. Combine internal and external data together from multiple formats, across data sources, and perform the analysis using your favorite business intelligence or data science platform.

  • Rapid data protyping
  • Research analytics
  • Ad hoc reporting

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Accelerate data science

Reduce valuable time spent collecting, transforming, and delivering data to AI projects with RAW NoDB. Achieve more rapid iterative experimentation and deployment cycles of Machine Learning models along with the data definitions, as a single package to underpin your transformation to ML Ops.

  • Data science data workbench
  • ML Ops

Exploit and monetize untapped data

Unlock the value of your dark data that exists and is currently being ignored. Access all parts of your data estate with RAW NoDB, turn these into valuable data assets quickly and easily, and then expose them to your data consumers via multiple channels for new insights.

  • Data archives
  • Policy documents
  • Mainframe and legacy systems

Single access point for all data analytics

Connect all your analytics and business intelligence users to all your data sources with RAW NoDB as a data proxy. Access and query any data structure like a database, no matter the complexity, format, and across all data sources from on-premise, to hybrid-and multi-cloud environments.

  • Data proxy for business intelligence
  • Hybrid and multi-cloud data migration