Deliver data products faster

Does it take days or weeks to make changes for your data consumers? RAW NoDB cuts the delivery time of your data product in half.



Many data delivery functions rely on extract, transform and load (ETL or ELT), copying and transforming the data before landing it in another repository. Building the associated data structures, mappings, scripts and functions needs multiple technologies. Often there are separate teams responsible for each technology, so coordinating the technical development work, testing vs. user requirements and complying with change management processes for production roll-out takes far too long.

When users want a new field, a new format, or a new slice of the data, they raise change requests that need to go through governance, development, testing, and release cycles with technical integration and organizational collaboration challenges manifesting as delays.


The business users can’t get the data they need in a timely fashion. Minor changes take far too long and are too costly. Change requests back up, as the centralized teams cannot respond quickly enough. Opportunities are missed as timely insights are lost. When data is delivered it maybe yesterday’s data when today’s data is what they really want. The business gets frustrated and looks for alternatives to IT, leading to shadow IT solutions with associated risks and costs.


Our NoDB approach means are no mappings or separate schemas to maintain. No copies of data means that your users are looking at accurate information, and with autonomous caching RAW learns from behavioural patterns to cache relevant data for best performance.

RAW SQL allows any type of data to be queried and output. Altogether, fewer technical components to change means greater agility and faster time-to-market. RAW reduces the complexity of your data delivery stack by cutting out unnecessary steps, which itself brings cost optimization opportunities, and we integrate with your DevOps, change management, and metadata management processes, allowing full traceability from your consumers needs to the underlying data sources.

USE CASEData mesh

Many organizations are seeing productivity gains by moving to a Data mesh architecture. Effectively this combines organizational change towards data domain-aligned teams with end-to-end product responsibility, with tooling and governance to support agile delivery of data products but without the bottleneck of going through a single data lake and technology stack.

Teams are liberated to work more autonomously and deliver better-suited data products for their consumers’ needs without centralization problems. RAW works perfectly within a data mesh by enabling your teams to work in this decentralized manner to produce better and faster data products.

USE CASEData marketplace

Making data available and easily consumable in multiple formats doesn’t have to result in complex transformations using multiple or bespoke software solutions. While still popular, file-based data delivery is being replaced with API-based delivery, where the inbound request sets the context and scope for what the consumer requires.

Open data formats are being used more, including columnar & compressed types due to their speed. RAW can enable your file-based data marketplace to become API-accessible so that consumers can get the data they need in the format they want.


With RAW you can deliver great data products, incredibly fast, here’s why:

  • Data polyglot, read and output any format, so teams are free to use whatever technology and format they like to store their data.
  • Run on-prem, in the cloud, or hybrid-cloud, connect to any data location
  • SQL data views and API’s for loosely coupled data interfaces.
  • “NoDB” approach serves data without unnecessary data copy and transformation
  • Integrates with data product delivery process, including DevOps / DataOps, versioning and data cataloging.

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