Supply Chain Efficiency

Improve relationships and streamline your business processes by sharing data with external parties in the supply chain for real-time planning

For Business
  • ‘Always live’ data at a click
  • Trusted interfaces
  • Use the tools you have
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For Developers
  • Connect any data source
  • Secure, modern and cloud-based
  • No data copy
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Data Sharing. Made Simple.

Access All Data

Data delivered with timeliness needed to make better operational decisions. No copying, no waiting.

End to End Solution

Cloud-based, easy-to-use way to faster data sharing, with a simple and clear pricing model.

Invite, Control and Secure

Trusted data starts with trusted interfaces. Share, entitle and monitor data access with business partners.

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12 Benefits of Data Sharing via APIs

Data Sharing via APIs is a modern approach to unlocking valuable resources inside your organisation. Businesses sharing data are more likely to outperform those who do not. Read more about why using APIs is a better approach.


How we use RAW internally: a Business Activity API and Dashboard

At RAW we eat our own dog food, as an emerging software vendor we want business metrics on how we are doing. We use RAW to create a Business Activity API, and then retrieve the data in Excel with a simple dashboard.


Create your First API in 4 minutes

Write a Query Function, Configure with a simple YAML file. Push to Git, and start using. See how to create your first API with RAW, using an open dataset. Refer to our Get Started Video to help you get your…