Modernize File Delivery

Deliver timely data to customers faster and more efficiently with RAW as data infrastructure to replace your legacy file deliveries


Still Sharing Data as Files?

FTP (file transfer protocol) is a 50 year old specification, and while Managed File Transfer solutions address some concerns, they still fall short for flexibility, agility and immediacy. With APIs both you and your customers benefit:

  • Deliver just what users need. Happier customers with more personalized service.
  • Create once, satisfy many users.  A single API can replace many files
  • Access live data. No more waiting for data extract, transfer and load before using.
  • Reduce operational overhead. Data delivery direct from producer to consumer without a ‘file operations’ function.
  • Offer new services. APIs give flexibility and bring a component approach for new data products.

RAW Features and Benefits

Single platform

Less tools to learn, use, and no complex integration


Spend your effort on business logic and not infrastructure

No ETL – Query data at source

Reduces cost and complexity, whilst enabling greater agility

Modern DataOps approach

Deliver and iterate faster with higher quality
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DataOps: Navigate the perfect storm between data agility and data control

How DataOps is your way out of the perfect data storm – balancing data agility with the need for data control


Product Traceability: a Manufacturing Use Case

A major European manufacturing corporation challenged us to help them with providing a product traceability API on top of their machine data. 


Data as a Product

Do we really manage our data as a product? What does that mean for customers? Is a data product really that different from a traditional product? And what can we learn from other more established industries about their products, and apply them back to our fledgling data product space?


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