Data Mesh

Deliver data products faster and more efficiently at scale, with RAW as data infrastructure for your data mesh.


Why choose a data mesh?

Primary drivers for adoption include:

  • Reduce time-to-market for data delivery. Data mesh enables federation of delivery and governance by removing bottlenecks on centralized data teams.
  • Produce higher quality, trusted data products, by placing ownership into the hands of SMEs within the data domain.
  • Promote reusable data components, by taking a data-as-a-product approach with accountability and delivery both aligned to successful customer outcomes.
  • Leverage data infrastrustructure as a service, where each domain-aligned delivery team can make use of shared and standardized tools to deliver more efficiently.

RAW enables all data to be queried, combined, manipulated and outputs as APIs, using our unique low-code approach.

RAW Features and Benefits


Productivity gains, scale your team to deliver more.

DataOps and Data-as-Code

Deliver and iterate faster with higher quality

SQL on Databases, Files & APIs

Query and reuse any data source and output in multiple formats

APIs as a Service

Spend all your effort on business logic and not infrastructure

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Introducing the RAW Data Product Platform

Data Products as a Service: A low-code, collaborative platform as a service, where you pay as you go for data APIs.


Data as a Product

Do we really manage our data as a product? What does that mean for customers? Is a data product really that different from a traditional product? And what can we learn from other more established industries about their products, and apply them back to our fledgling data product space?


Calculation-as-a-Service: Value at Risk (VaR) within Financial Services

A worked example of using RAW Labs NoDB platform to perform large scale data intensive calculations, using “Value at Risk” from the Financial Services domain, by Jeremy Posner.

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