Business Intelligence and Analytics

Access all your data assets from BI and Analytics platforms. No matter the format, structure of data, its location or database type.


Are your users able to access all of the data to make decisions?

Familiar scenarios where other solutions struggle include the following:

  • Data lake, data warehouse and SaaS. Query at source and combine – remove the need for more data copies and complex, slow ETL.
  • Multi-cloud, multi-database. Access, join and manipulate data from databases in different formats across your cloud infrastructure
  • Internal and external data. Directly query APIs, files of all types and databases through a single interface.
  • Log files and semi-structured data. Parse, filter and deliver data just like a SQL source.

With RAW, creating data products as APIs for your BI or analytics consumption is simple, integrated and highly performant due to our unique features.

RAW Features and Benefits

SQL on Databases, Files & APIs

Access all your data in your BI solution


Manage data as product, deliver trusted data regardless of source

No ETL - Query data at source

Reduces cost and complexity, whilst enabling greater agility

Smart Caching

Faster results without complex configuration

DataOps Inside

Faster iterations and higher quality results

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NYC Taxi Cab Analytics and APIs

First in Blog Series showing New York Taxi Cab Data, how we query, clean and join this data to produce simple APIs


Analysing the News with RAW

Use RAW with Web APIs to produce powerful analysis results on web pages. This example shows analysing web pages in RSS feeds, using metadata extraction and Google's language entity extraction.


Retrieving JSON data from a REST API in Excel with Power Query

Use Excel, with Power Query to retrieve data APIs created through RAW

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