Create, publish and manage data products with our unique low-code collaborative approach. Check out our solutions to common data needs.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Access all your data sources through existing Business Intelligence and Analytics tools. Include non-SQL sources including log files, JSON, XML documents and REST APIs. Query data lakes with data warehouses, or external data sources with internal data.

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Data Marketplace

Expose data as APIs in a data marketplace. RAW enables a data-as-a-product approach with fastest time-to-market and iteration cycles to service your marketplace customers.

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Data Mesh

Modernize your data delivery infrastructure and improve your agility with our DataOps ready, low-code approach. Reuse data products across product lines by leveraging RAW as a data infrastructure component in your data mesh.

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Machine-Generated Data Analytics

Perform analytics directly on machine-generated data without needing to reformat and load into a database. RAW allows heterogenous data to be queried in any format, at speed and at huge scale – even over millions of files of machine-generated data.

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