Create, publish and manage data APIs, and start sharing data with your partners. Check out some of our solution areas.

Modernize File Delivery

Modernize your data delivery infrastructure and improve your agility with RAW. Deliver the data that’s needed, with more immediacy than legacy file transfers, and with the control and security you need.

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Data Marketplace

Expose data as APIs in a data marketplace. RAW enables a data-as-a-product approach with fastest time-to-market and iteration cycles to service your marketplace customers.

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Data Mesh

Deliver data products via APIs, faster, more efficiently and at scale with our collaborative DataOps approach. Reusable data building blocks for your data mesh are easy to create and share with RAW.

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Machine-Generated Data Analytics

Perform analytics directly on machine-generated data without needing to reformat and load into a database. RAW allows heterogenous data to be queried in any format, at speed and at huge scale – even over millions of files of machine-generated data.

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Business Intelligence and Analytics

Access all your data sources through existing Business Intelligence and Analytics tools. Include non-SQL sources including log files, JSON, XML documents and REST APIs. Query data lakes with data warehouses, or external data sources with internal data.

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