RAW Labs expands into Greece for R&D and welcomes Pavlos Polydoras

July 13, 2021

RAW Labs opens office in Athens, Greece for research and development on its NoDB Platform, and welcomes Pavlos Polydoras, VP Engineering and GM Greece who will oversee the build out of the R&D team.

pavlos polydoras VP engineering Greece
Pavlos Polydoras, VP Engineering and GM Greece

Pavlos began his work experience at European research projects mainly revolving around Information Retrieval. In this context, he became familiar with a wide range of computer science areas, from Web Services, Service Composition to Query Processing, Optimization and Artificial Intelligence.
He has extensive experience in designing and leading the implementation of secure, large-scale, distributed systems in various domains in both public and private sector within Greece and beyond. 
Pavlos is a strong advocate of solid computer science foundations, programming principles, but most importantly team effort and bringing value to end users. He holds an M.Sc. in Information and Data Management from the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications of the University Athens. Born and raised in the beautiful Athenian suburbs, he is a bicycle commuter, football enthusiast and a frequent traveler. 

Welcome Pavlos! We are hiring now – see positions on our Careers page.