RAW Completes SmartDataLake EU Initiative

April 8, 2022

SmartDataLake, part of the EU Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, aims at designing, developing and evaluating novel approaches, techniques and tools for extreme-scale analytics over Big Data Lakes. It tackles the challenges of reducing costs and extracting value from Big Data Lakes by providing solutions for virtualized and adaptive data access.

Private companies contributed leading-edge use cases that they struggle implementing, including: SYNYO and SpazioDati who developed and tested on the platform.

RAW Labs recently completed its role in this initiative along with a number of other partners from across industry and academia, contributing its technology for flexible dataset reading and data reshaping needs of the project.

Benefits of the RAW technology in the SmartDataLake stack include: reducing complexity, saving compute time and cost, due to RAW’s unique query engine, the RAW SQL language and powerful inferencing capabilities on raw datasets.

Professor Anastasia Ailamaki, RAW Labs’ Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, who also heads up the EPFL Data Intensive Applications Lab, said “The collaboration with academic partners and industry stakeholders has been immensely valuable for our product development. Being at the very heart of the system, RAW provides transparent and efficient access to big, heterogeneous data, addressing data-intensive applications of SDL, and this has in turn resulted in adding or sharpening existing capabilities and therefore making RAW a more competitive data platform.”

For more information on this initiative you can visit https://smartdatalake.eu, download the accompanying brochure, or contact us.