Ask questions on any data, anywhere. Without any data preparation, loading, conversion, or worrying about servers, clusters, or indeed any resources at all !

  • Fully managed smart query service, no infrastructure to manage
  • Query and manipulate all data at source
  • Hugely scalable up to petabytes
  • Transparent and autonomous caching
  • Data polyglot: query and return any data structure
  • Powerful functional query language, supporting ANSI SQL
  • Create and deploy web services seamlessly

RAW Labs have developed a new capability which we call “Query-as-a-Service” or QaaS for short. A fully managed, smart query service built on our unique technology platform which enables users to query petabytes of diverse data in a matter of seconds. It’s massively scalable and runs in a secure and containerised environment on public cloud infrastructure.

QaaS allows users to ask questions on disparate data sources without needing to know how the data is stored, in which format, or which database dialect to use, without needing to worry about where it is physically located and crucially without having to set up infrastructure in order to execute the query. This saves you needing to create and manage a big data query infrastructure, for example a Presto or a Spark cluster. It can alleviate the need for a data lake too, or where you just need a smarter data cache.

QaaS combines data sources, optimizes data access and intelligently caches as necessary behind the scenes so tha results are returned quickly and execution paths are as optimal as possible for each individual query.

Because our QaaS uses inferencing on all data that is subject to a query, there are no schemas, mappings to maintain, and hence less code; without need to create external scripts with glue-code, functions, and because it doesn’t move the data (no ETL) it reduces cost and risk from data copies.

The result: much more agile. save money, save time, gain power.

Try QaaS today!