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$0 No credit card required
  • 1 Producer user
  • 1 Consumer user
  • 1 GitHub repository
  • 3 Public API endpoints
  • 30K API requests per month
  • 10 hrs compute time per month
  • Standard compute class
  • 1 GB RAW Storage
  • 100 GB network use per month
  • 64K API output per endpoint call
  • Community support


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$49 per month, billed monthly
As Free, with:
  • Unlimited GitHub repositories
  • Unlimited API endpoints
  • Private API endpoints
  • Log Analytics, 1 month history
  • Email Support


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from $299 per month, billed monthly
As Pro, with:
  • 10 Producer users
  • 100 Consumer users
  • Large and X-Large compute classes
  • 2FA security
  • 300k API Requests per month
  • 100Gb RAW storage
  • 100 hrs Compute time per month
  • 1TB Network use per month
  • 1MB API output per endpoint
  • Log Analytics, full history
  • Dedicated Chat Support

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As Business, with:
  • Unlimited
  • Custom security integration
  • 24/7 support

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