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RAW Labs conducted a survey of data product practitioners in early 2021. We collected opinions on the state of maturity and inhibitors around data product delivery for our own product research and to share back with the community. We hope...

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Solution Briefs

Our RAW solution enables a European manufacturer to provide product traceability as a data service for both their internal and customers’ demands for more detailed and transparent information.

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October 10, 2021 manufacturing

Product Traceability


Walkthrough of Major Features, using a worked example to show both Data Consumer and Data Producer perspectives. Code accompanying this...

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July 14, 2022

Product Walkthrough

Write a Query Function, Configure with a simple YAML file. Push to Git, and start using. See how to create...

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Instructional video to show how to get started with RAW, using a simple Hello World example. Accompanying instructions can also...

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Création d’un Endpoint REST sur RAW à partir d’un fichier CSV situé sur qui compare le nombre d’hospitalisations en...

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Georges Lagardère shows us how to use RAW to create an integrated API that combines two APIs calls, to retrieve...

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Georges Lagardère shows how easy it is to expose data as an API using a simple Olympics dataset, and then...

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December 6, 2021

Olympics Demo Overview

White Papers

Read more about our RAW Data Product Platform, including challenges it is designed to solve, and components of the solution

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December 10, 2021

RAW Data Product Platform