Sharing Data through APIs to Excel

August 10, 2022
Posted by Jeremy Posner

You have data in many places, but your users have Excel

Familiar story? Everyone has a spreadsheet, and many people are not technical enough to know how to access external data sets, use PowerBI, etc. This can be a barrier to adoption of smarter, secure and shared data products.

We have shown from previous blogs that new data products are easy to create and fast to deploy with RAW.

We have just released a new feature that allows all our data products to be shared as Excel spreadsheets, so live data can be shared easily with these users without them needing to configure or connect to anything.

RAW generates a spreadsheet for every data product (API endpoint) which allows a business user to simply download the spreadsheet and execute the queries to return the data they need. No technical knowledge required. Open to anyone with Microsoft Excel.

Accessing your RAW data product in Excel

Search for your data in the catalogue, and simply open the detail page for any entry. Click on the Excel icon.

Here’s an example for this endpoint: legislators below:

Click on the Excel icon on the Catalogue page

A spreadsheet will be downloaded to your computer. Open the spreadsheet. You will have to enable Macros (it’s safe) – you will then see a sheet like the one displayed below:

Excel File: Open and Enable Macros

Firstly, enter any parameters for your query as per the catalogue entry documentation. Remember that some of the endpoints in the catalogue have no parameters, others could have multiple. If they are optional or required the spreadsheet will tell you.

Click the ‘Get Data’ button and the data is fetched and is returned:

Enter any Parameter Values desired, and Click ‘Get Data’ to execute

And that’s it! You can take this spreadsheet and modify it, format it, plus you can also add other data to this Workbook, and reference this workbook from others like you would normally do, so it’s easy to fit into the way you work.

Wrap Up

That’s it for this blog post – Hopefully you can see that it’s easy to use RAW to create data products and then allow non-technical users to use them from Excel.

We are building the fastest and easiest data sharing solution. For more information, get in touch with us today, or simply register, and start using!

Jeremy Posner, VP Product & Solutions, RAW Labs.

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