APIs – Good Fit for Data Products?

October 7, 2022
Posted by Jeremy Posner


If you inhabit the data arena, you would have needed to hide under a rock for the past year to miss the Data Mesh. Don’t fear, this isn’t a blog post about how “RAW is a Data Mesh“, or even about how “RAW is the best solution for your Data Mesh needs“.

Let’s look at what Data Mesh says, why APIs are a great delivery mechanism for Data Products, and how RAW helps you deliver Data Products.

Data Mesh and Data Products

Data Mesh has been well-described as a socio-technical construct, oriented heavily around organisational change – both in mindset and control, so that data is democratised, decentralised and placed into the hands of the rightful owners to curate, provide, manage, and support.

Data Mesh focusses on managing Data as a Product which builds further on the last 10 years of the Data Governace mantra: “Data as an Asset”.

So what exactly is a Data Product ?

Data Mesh describes a Data Product as comprising Code, Data and Metadata, and Infrastructure.

APIs – Good Fit for Data Products?

There are many characteristics of a good Data Product. We can cut this many ways, either using the FAIR data principles, or in other ways. Here’s why our customers think APIs can be great Data Products.

If you haven’t explored using APIs to deliver Data Products, then you should take a look. Don’t just take our word for it – here are two useful proof points to consider:

  • There’s little doubt that APIs are “eating the world“, an article from 2014 (!). The latest figures are that Full Lifecyle API Management software is growing at nearly 27% YoY in 2022, accelerating from a year ago (24%). Google Cloud has 245 different APIs, Amazon similar. Many of these are new.

Wrap Up

Whilst we don’t believe that All APIs are equivalent to Data Products, at RAW we provide Code, Data, Metadata and Infrastructure so that your API and everything behind it is managed as one. That’s important – as it makes Data Products simpler and faster to build and deliver – either for your Data Mesh, or just to help make sense of your Data Mess.

Jeremy Posner, VP Product and Solutions, RAW Labs.


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