Data Sharing: User Management and Invitations

September 8, 2022
Posted by Jeremy Posner


So, you have created your first API with RAW, and now it’s time to share the access to that API with other people. They could be colleagues inside your organisation, or even outside your organization, for instance your customers, partners, or suppliers.

We’re going to show our Data Sharing functionality here, and, as usual it follows our mantra of: Data Delivery. Made Simple.

Adding Users

Head over to our RAW App, and login as a Producer. Now click on ‘User Management‘ from the left-side toolbar. This is the list of all users that have access to the RAW APIs created for your organization.

User Management

Click on the green “+Add User” button. From here you can enter email addresses, separated with comma (you can cut/paste multiple in too). You can choose their access – they can be a Producer, meaning that they are on the producing side of the API, a Consumer on the consumption side of the API, or Both, Here’s three examples:


Adding a Consumer with a Scope


Adding two Admins

Producer and Consumer

Adding a User as both Producer and Consumer

Choose User Roles and Scopes

For Consumers, you can optionally add Auth0 Scopes. Essentially, Scopes are access strings that match with those defined in your API (see the Security Objects in our YAML file reference for more information). If you have no access defined, you can leave this empty too.

The Producer roles have an option to add users as both ‘Admin’ role, which means they can administer the repository, add / update / delete new endpoints, etc. There’s also a ‘User Manager’ role – this allows just the user permissioning – this is useful, for instance, when working with a partner, so they can manage their own organizations’ people.

Sending Invites

Finally, click on ‘Send Invites‘ – an email will be generated to invite your users to log into RAW and accept. In the meantime, you can filter on the list using ‘State = Pending’, and see the users. They will stay as Pending under they have accepted and logged in.

List of users in Pending State

When they have accepted the invitation and logged in, their state will change to ‘Active’, see below. You can also edit the user’s access after they are created too (if you have permissions)

Active User

The users will now have access for APIs consumption and administrative functions accordingly. For more information head on over to our docs to read more.

Wrap Up

Our platform is designed to be the simplest and most powerful complete end-to-end data sharing solution. Do you agree? What features do you think could make our product even better?

Feel free to contact us if you have ideas, or share on the community

Jeremy Posner, VP Product & Solutions, RAW Labs.

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