Blogs Category: Tutorial

September 8, 2022

Data Sharing: User Management and Invitations

We built our data delivery platform to have a simple and secure permissioning system, so that you can very easily control who has access to your API endpoints.

May 12, 2022

Defining and Running Tests for API endpoints

We show how easy it is to create an API test suite using just YAML for your RAW APIs inside VS Code using our RAW Extension: Define tests, execute them and fix your code.

February 8, 2022

NYC Taxi Cab Analytics and APIs, Part 3

Third and last in the Blog series, showing how to join file-based NY Cab and MTA data to weather data API to run some statistical correlation functions.

January 26, 2022

NYC Taxi Cab Analytics and APIs, Part 2

Second in Blog Series, we now parameterise our function to dynamically query different files, join to MTA train and bus data for total rides per day, and run over several months.

January 25, 2022

NYC Taxi Cab Analytics and APIs

First in Blog Series showing New York Taxi Cab Data, how we query, clean and join this data to produce simple APIs

January 21, 2022

API Integration: Where is the ISS ?

Georges shows how to integrate two APIs and produce a new API that can easily be published on our platform, using an example about the ISS spaceship and Reverse Geocoding

January 17, 2022

Tutorial 3. Managing complex data with RAW

Third Tutorial to show how sot read, manage and produce complex data in RAW

January 14, 2022

Tutorial 2. Producing complex data with RAW

Second RAW Tutorial to show how to produce complex data, extensions to Group By, Top level collections and records

January 12, 2022

Tutorial 1. First flight with RAW

First Tutorial with RAW where we take reader through a first query, first API and passing parameters to that API

January 12, 2022

Hello <name> !

Second basic blog post to show how easy it is to make incremental changes, e.g. pass parameters into a function that creates a new API endpoint